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“And now for the difficult part of the operation ...”
“The overbilling?”
“The transplanting of the new heart.”

you need a new heart? These doctors recommend the perfect procedure.

"Fast enough to get a speeding ticket ... More powerful than a strong deodorant ... Able to leap tall children while knocking them down ..."
It's Stupidman, a superhero for the rest of us.

The Elevator
You’re stuck in an elevator with the world’s most annoying guy.  Could hell be any worse?
All About Mia
Ever noticed that teens, even Christian teens, can be ... how shall we say ... a tad self-centered?  Enter Mia’s world, where it’s all about ... you guessed it ... Mia.
Heaven is Cool
Amber loves Jesus. It’s the uncool people in her life she can’t stand. When Amber gets to heaven, guess who she has for neighbors.
FriendSpaced Out
Lee has 372 friends ... they all inhabit FriendSpace.com. Lee spends every spare moment blogging, messaging, and collecting more cyberfriends. This leaves him little time for such nonsense as term paper writing, Bible reading ... or real human relationships.
What would happen if teen sex were peddled as in those pharmaceutical commercials, complete with the appropriate warnings and disclaimers?
You’ll Be Dead
Everyone dies, whether young or old, good or bad, rich or poor.  So is there anything more?
Change of Heart
A patient needs a heart transplant to save his life, but he distrusts the doctors performing the operation, so he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Help Us
Each member of our dysfunctional family assumes a role – Hero, Enabler, Lost child, Party animal, Unstable adult, and Scapegoat.  Together they spell ...

And many other new sketches for 2007.